Adaptive Symbiotic Technologies

3503 NE 45th Street Suite 2W
Seattle, Washington, 98105

Rusty Rodriguez(CEO)

Business Description :

Adaptive Symbiotic Technologies LLC, a biotechnology company, develops a series of seed and plant treatment product lines to confer symbiotic benefits to crop plants. The company offers BioEnsure, seed treatments to provide protection from extreme ecological conditions using a natural symbiotic process that enables plants to flourish when facing abiotic stress; BioEnsure liquid formulations for application to seeds, seedlings, or more mature plants; BioEnsure Corn, a product for increasing corn yields and overall plant health under extreme climate conditions; and BioEnsure Rice, a product for increasing rice yields and overall plant health in the presence or absence of climate based stresses. Its products are used in corn, rice, soybean, wheat, tomato, cucurbits, peppers, okra, leafy greens, grass/turf, barley, cotton, and berries developing; and sugarcane, millet, sorghum, and canola optimizing applications. The company serves customers worldwide. Adaptive Symbiotic Technologies LLC was founded in 2008 and is based in Seattle, Washington.