Agrilab Technologies LLC

1662 Pumpkin Village Road
Enosburg Falls, Vermont, 5450

Brian Jerose(Founder)

Business Description :

Agrilab Technologies, LLC designs, builds, and sells large scale compost and heat capture systems for farms, commercial compost sites, universities, municipalities, and others with existing or proposed composting operations. The company’s Isobar heat exchange system/containerized system heats greenhouses or buildings, meets demands for hot water, or dries agricultural products while using the compost generated to rebuild soil or create a value-added product. Its Isobar heat exchange system captures and transfers thermal energy (heat) from the composting of biodegradable materials, such as food waste, by-products of food processing, farm manure and bedding, and other types of biomass. The company also provides technical support services that include installation and maintenance. Its heat exchange systems are operated in various farms and compost facilities primarily in Vermont, New York, and New Hampshire. Agrilab Technologies, LLC was founded in 2013 and is based in Enosburg Falls, Vermont.