Altierre, Inc.

1980 Concourse Drive
San Jose, California, 95131

Tony Alvarez(CEO)

Business Description :

Altierre Corp. operates as a technology company that provides ultra-low power long-range wireless technology for the Internet of Things (IoT). The company’s portfolio includes IRIS, a wireless chip and flexible wireless network specifically to adapt to the proliferation of IoT-enabled devices located within close proximity or within a singular space, such as a large building or warehouse. Its IRIS wireless chip is specifically architected to provide scalability, reliability, non-interference, power consumption, and security. The company’s wireless IoT platform connects various displays, sensors, meters, valves, and assets in large buildings and ship yards, etc. It also offers out of stock sensing units that detect the presence or absence of per facing of products on the shelf, regardless of the size or the density of the product; and Altierre Store Gateway that provides a Web-based frontend to control and monitor the Altierre Access Points and the etags or esigns. The company integrates its connectivity network into retail applications with sensory and signage applications, including connected digital signage for dynamic pricing of products; out-of-stock sensors for warehouse and inventory management; temperature sensors for maintenance of energy use; motion sensors that provide for smart control of lighting, security, and displays; and gas sensors for various applications. Its solution supports and provides benefit to various IoT enterprise applications with partners holding limited access to wireless connectivity solutions for airline luggage and asset tracking, humidity irrigation and light sensors, energy consumption and water use sensors, and others. The company offers solutions for LCD and E-paper tags; POP items; and screen customizations. It serves food, pharmacy, non-food, and industry sectors, as well as retail stores worldwide. The company was founded in 2003 and is based in San Jose, California with a sales office in Paris, France.