Management Resources

194 Adelphi Street
Brooklyn, New York, 11205

Rob Lederer(President)

Business Description :

We are a founding B Corporation. We created a Management System specifically for CEOs of mid-size (and larger small) businesses to realize the unfulfilled potential that every CEO knows is present in his or her business. It engages the workforce to make the CEO’s and Senior Team’s vision their own and provides a structure to fulfill that vision. It’s easy to adopt, easy to use, and generates major improvements to cash flow from operating activities (net new cash from operations) within the first year and beyond. We call it the Mosu™ Management System. It’s not software or tech. Mosu™ is a coherent management system of insights, tools, and practices. Once integrated into the operations and made routine, Mosu’s™ structure for fulfillment leads the workforce to routinely produce impressive results. This is true for virtually any company, whether or not it already is world class, as Mosu™ was designed to work at a whole-system level (and every enterprise is a whole-system).