350 Townsend Street Suite 320
San Francisco, California, 94107

Matt Duesterberg(CEO)

Business Description :

OhmConnect, Inc. provides a service that helps its users maximize the efficiency of their energy usage. Its services coordinate energy reductions at specific times and sell those aggregate reductions on energy markets. The company’s service package includes a mobile application that is installed by users on a mobile device; and services, such as monitoring the energy consumption, remotely managing home devices that include home appliances and thermostats connected to the Internet, alerting users when to save energy, accessing and analyzing the electricity records on file with the utility company, sharing the information concerning the energy reduction with energy market regulators and wholesalers to measure the amount of energy saved, and sending weekly payments for saving energy. It also sells smart home devices, which include WiFi thermostats, electric car chargers, and smart plugs to maximize energy savings. The company serves residents in California. OhmConnect, Inc. was incorporated in 2013 and is based in San Francisco, California.