160 Nagog Hill Rd
Aton, Massachusetts, 1720

Eric Hudson(CEO)

Business Description :

Hello, we received your email and are currently raising capital and would like to have a call with Buckhill. Business Description In 1996 we created Preserve to turn America’s recycling into beautiful products for the home. Today Preserve is a leading sustainable consumer products company and Certified B Corporation, with several #1 selling products in the $100 billion Natural grocery channel. Through innovations in recycled and compostable materials, recycling systems and sustainable design, Preserve creates more than 35 recycled and compostable products for households and food service venues. Preserve is powered by the recycling efforts of our Preservers (aka our consumer base) and their contributions to Gimme 5, our retail and mail-in based recycling program which makes up part of the Preserve feedstock. We are on track to grow greater than 20% per year through expanded distribution and enhanced marketing programs that will introduce Preserve’s mission and products to 75 MM plus interested consumers, establish Preserve into the food service channel, and continue to expand our brand and mission internationally