Sturgeon Services International, Inc.

3511 Gilmore Avenue
Bakersfield, California, 93308

Paul Sturgeon(President)

Business Description :

Sturgeon Services International, Inc., an oilfield contractor, provides construction and maintenance services for oilfield companies in California. It offers asbestos abatement, mold and lead abatement, code welding, centrifuge, asphalt paving and grading, ASME code fabrication, concrete/masonry, demolition, drilling and completion, earthwork, fabrication, facilities abandonment, grading, ground penetrating radar, guzzler and vacuum truck support, hydro blasting, hydro excavation, land restoration/remediation, maintenance, painting and sandblasting, parking lot and road, pipeline abandonment, poly-fusion line, rathole drilling, recycled aggregate supplier, asphalt sealcoating, security, stea.