Sustainable Energy & Agriculture Technology LLC

5850 E Comsoft Pl
SAHUARITA, AZ, Arizona, 85629

Ashoke Bose(Founder/CEO)

Business Description :

Sustainable Energy & Agriculture Technology (SEAT) is an Arizona based technology start-up. We have patented Near Zero Carbon (NZC) emission technology that reduces the operating cost of any business operation that uses thermal/electrical energy. One of the applications of NZC technology is Micro Green house (MGH) which is developed by SEAT in 2016 to allow home owners to produce vegetables and fruits in their back yards. MGH business model attempts to solve two critical issues : 1. Food insecurity in urban and rural communities in case of natural or man made disaster( e.g. super markets have shelf space for only 2/3 days food supply); 2. Carbon emission during long transportation of fresh vegetables from remote farms to super markets via air-conditioned warehouse In 2016, SEAT built the first pilot MGH in Sahuarita, Arizona and it has been operating successfully for two years. In 2018, US Patent & Trademark Office issued a Patent entitled \"Enclosure Temperature Control System\" which was invented by Ashoke Bose. At present, SEAT is in negotiation with a Fortune 50 health insurance company to deploy MGH for it\'s members nationwide.