6300 Merrill Creek Parkway Suite C-100
Everett, Washington, 98203

James Mothersbaugh(CEO)

Business Description :

WATERTECTONICS, Inc. designs and manufactures water treatment systems for storm, ground, industrial, marine, and contaminated water applications. It offers electrocoagulation systems, automated pH treatment solutions, automated chitosan enhanced sand filtration water treatment systems to reduce or remove turbidity contaminates and neutralize pH, and automated chemical water treatment systems to reduce or remove turbidity contaminates. The company also provides below-ground water quality systems to remove sediments, heavy metals, and nutrients; below-grade oil water separators for treating point source and non-point source pollution sites; portable stainless steel vessel separators to separate above grade oil and water; oil water separators to provide clean water; and spill control valves to prevent downstream pollution migration. In addition, it offers permitting, monitoring, treatability studies, and operator training services. The company’s products have applications in areas, such as gasoline stations and other fueling facilities, electrical transformers, oil storage areas, transportation fueling systems, surface and non-detergent washing water from gas stations, car wash and repair shops, treatment of waste water from oil-removal plants and industrial processes, reconditioning of cooling water, mobile cleaning of oil-contaminated ground water, substations, generators, parking lots, commercial/retail development, wetlands and waterfront protection, auto wrecking yards, and municipal/residential drainage improvements, as well as industrial manufacturing, transportation/maintenance, scrap metal processing, and car dismantling facilities. It serves construction, oil and gas, remediation, scrap metal and recycling, wood treatment, metal plating/galvanizing, mining, food processing, gravel and stone quarries, concrete plants, sanitary wastewater, and grey water recycling markets and industries. The company was founded in 1999 and is based in Everett, Washington.