Buckhill Credit provides senior debt to companies that provide positive social and environmental impact

Buckhill Credit was formed by Buckhill Capital and Gratitude Railroad to help solve environmental and social problems with institutional capital. Buckhill Credit provides commercial business loans to middle market companies generating positive social, environmental, and economic outcomes. We look for companies with measurable impact and positive cash flows. We are especially interested in companies with diverse leadership.

For companies, we provide flexibility, transparency and a streamlined funding process. Our loans allow companies to retain more equity and control over their own businesses. For investors, we bring the rewards of a double bottom line: competitive financial return and measurable social impact.

Buckhill Capital Middle Market Credit team has an excellent track record of underwriting commercial business loans on terms that is most suitable to the borrower. We have deep industry knowledge and relationships which helps us to identify and implement strategies that help our borrowers grow. We try to make fast decisions and also provide detailed feedback make referrals when we think another firm would be a better fit.

Our Middle Market Lending team has closed several credit transactions in verticals such as Healthcare, Consumer, Restaurant & Retail,  Software & Technology Services, Diversified Industries and Real Estate.

If you are considering a senior business loan, please contact us.

Situations: New Business Loan, Business Loan Refinance, Acquisition Finance, Commercial Business Loan Refinance, Commercial Business Loan Syndication